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Wednesday 20th of September 2017    

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Video di presentazione Cartucce Labelkit MCD per Identificazione dei Farmaci
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Increased Safety in Anaesthesia and ICU!

The petented Labelkit MCD (Modular Cartridge Dispenser) system allow for easy identification of drug syringes.

According to recent statistics more than 20% of mistakes occurring during anaesthesia are due to the exchange of syringes.

This is why the Labelkit MCD system has been conceived. Labelkit MCD is a system composed of self dispensing cartridges of pre-printed labels that allow easy drug category reference thus enhancing patient safety.

The labels follow an international colour coding which conforms to the draft international standard proposed by the American Society of Testing and Materials, subcommittee D4774-94. This color coding is adopted as the standard by the world major anaesthesia societies (USA, Great Britain, France, Australia, Canada etc...).

This system guarantees a great increase of safety in Anaesthesia at minimal cost.

Standardising each operating room with a Labelkit MCD system can reduce the risks connected with the exchange of syringes and therefore the risks connected with anaesthesia. For this reason certifying authorities require to use a system to identify the drugs with a standard color coding like Labelkit MCD in order to obtain quality certificates for the operating rooms.



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